Ady Barkan was diagnosed with ALS in 2016. Ever since, he and his family have struggled to keep up with insurance paperwork, doctors’ bills, and prescription drugs. 

For the last three years, Ady and Be A Hero have been fighting our representatives in Washington to replace our unjust, predatory, and discriminatory health care system with coverage that protects the American people.

The presidential candidates and their campaigns are doing their best. But the composed speeches, the empty one-liners, and stilted debates have not given us better health care.

Ady knows it well: there is never enough time, but everything is at stake.

Now, Ady and the team at Be a Hero are talking with Americans across the country about their experiences with the health care system.

In partnership with NowThis News, and Crooked Media our conversation range from current and former candidates who want to lead our nation (Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Julian Castro) to patients, activists, and health care workers fighting and victimized by our unjust health care system. Uncovered includes conversations, documentaries, ads and testimonials from our highest office to our local hospitals.

In a health care debate filled with platitudes, Uncovered shas given our conversations new substance. Watch our videos and donate to support this project.